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Ustica (PA)

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Island of Ustica The Black Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the small, volcanic island of Ustica. North of Palermo lies this island of black rocks and jagged coastline that contains, in just 9 square kilometres, many facets to be discovered: from archaeological and prehistoric evidence to the remains of an ancient volcano to turquoise waters rich in biodiversity. The seabed, to be explored by snorkelling with mask and mouthpiece, has made the island of Ustica famous throughout the world, thanks to the establishment of the Protected Marine Area, the first in Italy to be created in 1986. An island that preserves the traditions and ancient flavours of Ustica, both of land and sea, such as the cultivation of the small local lentils and broad beans, both Slow Food products, and the fishing of the sought-after pot shrimp. Finally, the wine produced from local vines grown on its fertile soils in front of the sunsets over the sea that the island offers every day is worth tasting.

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Ustica (PA)
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